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The Art of Being Gamer Chic. It’s like my blog, but with a much better system. I’ll have to ask about their method.

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The Boy Wonder

I love the colors on the Robin costume (I also wish I could be Robin so much it hurts) so here we go.

Red argyle sweater vest

Green dress shirt

Yellow Jacket

Green pants (If only scaly briefs were considered formal)

CONCITOR Men's Dress Pants Trousers Flat Front Slacks EMERALD GREEN

I’m thinking black tie with the logo, and maybe black shoes as well so it’s not too colorful.

Booster Gold

Michael Carter is a show boat and anything based on him should show it.

Gold jacket

SKU# GT4 Beautiful Mens Gold~Bronz Fashion Dress With Nice Cut Smooth Soft Fabric $139

Navy blue satin shirt

Blue Sharkskin Pants (because he likes he word “sharkskin”)

Gold tie and vest

SKU#VS2028 Horizontal Rib Pattern Vest Tie Set Gold $49

Navy Blue Dress Shoes (maybe with gold laces)

Obnoxious gold sunglasses.

Note to self

Re-size all of the pictures.

Black Lightning

I was the only one of us around at the time… I wanted to make sure everyone knew who they were dealing with.”

- Jefferson Pierce on why he chose the name Black Lightning

Black Lightning’s always been a bit *ahem* flashier, so I want something a little more complex for his suit.

I’d start with black pinstripe pants, with a yellow belt (if I can find one)

SKU#RC3208 Black Stripe Somerset Pleated Trouser $99

A few versions of his costume have white boots, and I like the contrast better, so I’d go with white shoes, maybe with a gold buckle

Then a simple dark blue dress shirt

16.5 32/33 <em>Navy Blue</em> Cotton Blend Giorgio <em>Dress Shirt</em>

with lightning bolt cufflinks for some extra flair

and a lightning bolt tie to pull the look together


Sartorialist Meets Superhero: The Jimmy Olsen Edition! Superman’s pal seemed a little lonely until Betty came along.

Make it happen, DC.

I know he’s not a superhero (all the time, at least) but any DC Comics fan knows Mr. James Bartholomew Olsen.

I really like the tan vest/jacket combo with the simple white shirt and red tie (I’d sub in a bow tie). Finish it off with some brown slacks and brown shoes and you can waltz around as the Daily Planet’s boldest photographer.

Guest Appearance by Bethany Felon of http://fashiontipsfromcomicstrips.tumblr.com/

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Green Arrow inspi sketch.
Suggestions on how to achieve this look!

Fem Ver: This one is a mix between Green Arrow’s YJ costume and old costume.

  • Green hooded top. During the winter use a hoodie for extra warmth, for the cooler springs use a thin green hooded top or else you’ll get hot :O!
  • Yellow scarf is op but it’s suppose to be his famous beard/goatee haha.
  • Green trenchish jacket. I based the jacket off this: Click. Expensive but very cute and stylish jacket.
  • Wear a classy skirt/shorts (not seen in drawing).
  • Tights OP.
  • Brown boots. I suggest those new in style super high-length boots (since those best represent GA) but it’s a very selective style boot. So any style boot would do great as well : ).
  • Brown leather gloves is op.
  • Those classy duffle style handbag op.
  • Accessorize!

Men ver: More based off his old style costume when Green Arrow has his hat. Sorry if it looks plain ;A;. I didn’t wanna over style it so it could look more everyday. But I will suggest more clothes in the text for a more complex look. I feel like I’ll have to redraw a new version eventually -U-.

  • Kay guys time to grow a beard, jkjk definitely optional.
  • Green cap or green paperboy hat (op but suggested).
  • Green hooded trench/jacket. A green hoodie is also good. Bombers are also highly suggested but it might be a little hard to find them in green but I think a brown one will still be stylish.
  • Green V-neck shirt (i know some guys really don’t like the V-neck look so that’s OP). A button up top would also work.
  • Arrow necklace pointing towards the pants because, you know, Green Arrow (lololol my friend pointed it out OTL.) Necklace is very optional XD.
  • Fitted pants will do, preferably the dark tannish shades. 
  • Classy dark toned shoes. OP for green converses. Or op for boots (though I don’t know many guys who wear boots ;u;).
  • Accessorize as pleased!

(omg i promise the batman and superman men ver will look 10x more better ihope OTL).

Inspi list has been updated, to see the list and current fashion inspi sketches please click here» Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

These Green Arrow-inspired coordinates are great styling references for both Autumn and Spring looks. I love how Kat reinterpreted Green Arrow’s look for both women’s fashion and menswear, and how she utilized styling motifs between the two looks (hooded jackets, arrow accessories, olive brown accents).

However, I can’t help but imagine that the ladies’ wear Green Arrow would work quite nicely as a Link-inspired outfit, as well :)

Check out more of Kat’s superhero makeovers on her tumblr (and on Fashion Tips From Comic Strips)!

This one already has all the work done for me! Great design by megarinri

I may have to make this one IRL. Green is my favorite color.

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Drew this tonight to reward myself for completing half of my work! (half yikes T__T) It’s a Wondy-inspired dress, re-worked based on an old doodle in my sketchbook.

Also - I have a Facebook page for my dinky arts so please follow if you like those stuff :3



DC Girls In Sweaters

Can this entire outfit please be real? This ensemble is simply too perfect, from the gold headband to the red & white T-strap heels.

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Emma Frost | The White Queen.

A quick design, but the thinking behind it was: if she’s called The White Queen, why shouldn’t her costume be connected to that? With that in mind, I looked up a couple of Elizabethan outfits and went from there, while trying to keep it true to her origins as a member of the Hellfire Club.

A beautiful Elizabethan-inspired Emma Frost redesign by Jamie McKelvie.

Side note: My wardrobe is severely lacking an X-Men pendant on a string of pearls.

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Invincible Off-Duty by Nate Bellegarde

Project : Rooftop @tencentticker.com

Mark Grayson in a Dark Gray suit, turquouise shirt and socks, black shoes, and canary yellow tie and gloves (if you’re into gloves).

Very evocative of his “work” outfit.

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